Land of our origin

Inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's theory of the equations between the Caucasus and Scandinavia. As a Norwegian born designer of Azerbaijani Turkish descent I always use my diverse background as a strength by building cultural bridges between Norwegian and Turkic cultural heritage. “Land of our origin” is a collection where delicate design meets elements and inspiration of the theory that bonds Norway and Azerbaijan dated back to the era of the Vikings. Thor Heyerdahl claimed in his book ``No Borders`` published in 1999, that the origin of the Vikings god Odin wandered with a large group from the Caucasus to Scandinavia. Further in the book it says that these people come from today's Azerbaijan. The theory is debated, but the runes found in the Gobustan area in Azerbaijan and in Norway are similar. My inspiration came from all the runes found in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan etc. I am proud of showcasing my collection during Antalya Fashion Week 2020.

Photos by photographer Ehat Lekovic © All photo rights of Land of our origin collection showcased in Antalya Fashion Week belongs to Shervin Najafpour. Any misuse of the pictures will lead to legal lawsuits.

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